Yazılım Mühendisliği

The main objectives of the Software Engineering study program at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science (FENS) are targeted at acquiring general and specific competences in the field of software engineering. The aim behind initiating and creating this study program is the development of knowledge, skills, methods, tools, and procedures that will enable software engineers to produce a variety of reliable software. Reliable software operates on original specifications, which are adaptable to changes in all phases of a software life-cycle. Software engineering is a form of engineering that applies the principles of computer science and mathematics in achieving economically effective solutions for software problems. Software has become an important component in business decisions and the foundation of scientific research and engineering problem solving. The motif behind organizing the Software Engineering study program lies in the fact that we live in an era of automation, intense development of information and communication technologies, as well as a time when the fundamental challenges have become “higher quality and lower software expenses”. The curriculum of the Software Engineering study program is harmonized with the Bologna education system and the B&H national framework of qualification. Through a large variety of elective courses, students of this program have the possibility to get themselves acquainted with the contents of other scientific fields that are studied at IUS, enabling a horizontal mobility of students. Its international aspect, which primarily means its realization in English language, as well as a modern study program with harmonized relevant domestic and foreign criteria as an outcome of learning is what makes the proposed Software Engineering study program distinct. Considering all the above-mentioned facts, two degrees of study for the Software Engineering study program are established, and those are:

  • I Study Degree (title: Bachelor – Engineer of Software Engineering)
  • II Study Degree (title: Master - Graduated Engineer of Software Engineering)


Employment opportunities

Students who obtain both I and II study degrees will be able to work in private and public sectors as future engineers in the fields such as IT sector, sector of telecommunications, electro-companies, etc., as well as in other activities in IT departments of companies. Internationally conducted analyses, as well as personal studies on the needs of this kind of vocation, clearly indicate that the profession of an Software Engineer is at the top list priorities where a deficit in education of this kind of vocations gravely warns and affects the slow-down of the process of construction of an information-based society, further intense development of information and telecommunication technologies, as well as intelligent software products.